What Is Buprenorphine?

What Is Buprenorphine?

Buprenorphine has not been on the market as long as other drugs that are used to help clear addiction to opiates. This is the reason why so many people need to know more about what exactly buprenorphine is and how addiction to buprenorphine is treated..

This is a drug that is synthetic narcotic pain reliever. Buprenorphine is supplied in form of sublingual (tablet), or transdermal patch. The drug is abused through nasal inhalation and intravenous injection after the users crush the tablets.

Buprenorphine is classified among the schedule III narcotic analgesics. It is available under brand names Subutex and Suboxone. Buprenorphine is mostly used for treatment of opiate addiction. Suboxone is manufactured using four buprenorphine parts. One of the parts is naloxone. Subutex has been manufactured using just buprenorphine.

Buprenorphine functions through elimination of the cravings and blocking the opiates effects. It is administered in the form of a tablet by being placed under the patients tongue. The prescribed dose is between 2 and 8 milligrams. Buprenorphine acts as both an opiate and opiate blocker. The patients who are taking this drug should be under the supervision of a doctor. They must also attend counseling sessions regularly. The drug has pain blocking capabilities.

What Is Buprenorphine

There are different opiates whose addiction can be treated using buprenorphine such as codeine, Nalline, Percodan, Demerol, morphine and codeine. It can also be used to treat addiction from heroin and opium .Opioids attach themselves to the receptors in brain causing three effects which are reduced respiration, decreased pain and euphoria. The effect of opioids depends on the amount of the drugs that are taken.

The process through which the opioids bind to the receptors can be considered as a mechanical union and the better they fit the more effect that the opioid can create. Buprenorphine acts differently and this is why people wonder what is Buprenorphine? It binds to receptors but it does achieve the perfect fit. This leaves buprenorphine to occupy receptors without the other opioid effects. The receptor gets tricked into thinking that it is satisfied with opioids without the production of the strong euphoric feelings.

It does not cause respiratory depression. This action prevents that particular receptor from joining up with the full opioids. If a patient is using painkillers or heroin, they are not likely to get the additional effect. Buprenorphine stays with receptors and blocks them for a longer time than the opioids. The stickiness is what makes this drug last for a longer period of up to three days.

The drug is also sold as an analgesic. This is another reason why people ask what is Buprenorphine? When it is in analgesic form, buprenorphine is under Buprenex brand name. The physicians who use the drug for treatment should have certification from the Health Department. Only 30 patients can be treated with the drug at any given time.

Suboxone and Subutex brands are essential in the treatment of opiate addiction and prevention and of withdrawal symptoms that are as a result of using opiates. The analgesic effects that buprenorphine has on the body is what blocks the withdrawal symptoms.

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