Signs of Buprenorphine Addiction

Signs of Buprenorphine Addiction

Buprenorphine is among the medications that cause changes to the body. The user develops tolerance which is one of the Buprenorphine addiction signs.

Tolerance shows that the body is getting accustomed to steady intake of the drug. This usually happens when a person takes larger doses of Buprenorphine for a long time. The first indication that tolerance has set in is when the patient experiences return or deteriorating of pain that buprenorphine was supposed to treat.

When the body becomes tolerant, the other phase is dependence which is a sign of early addiction. Dependence occurs when the withdrawal symptoms occur when the patient stops using Buprenorphine for some time. Buprenorphine users will encounter the withdrawal symptoms after 24 hours. The symptoms can become severe after 48 hours. A patient is judged to be addicted to buprenorphine if they exhibit the following symptoms:

Buprenorphine Abuse and Deceitful Behavior

When a patient is told to take the buprenorphine for certain times and fails to follow the doctor’s instructions, this is a way of abusing the medication. There are many patients who take more amount of the drug to cater for the tolerance or recurrent pain and buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms. In order to prevent further addiction, those who are starting to feel the tolerance effects should inform a doctor 1-800-303-2482.

Signs of Buprenorphine Addiction

This is a common part of the Buprenorphine addiction signs. There are those who crush the solid pills to make it easier for them to inject or snort the drug. Tampering can also be done by taking the medication in ways that are not prescribed by a doctor.

Any person who lies or steals in order to get more supply of buprenorphine is definitely addicted to the drug. Such patients are likely to lie that they need extra prescription in order to cover an alleged future vacation. There are others who claim that they have lost their prescriptions so that they get more to cater for their addiction.

Buprenorphine addiction and abuse is considered to be more of a physical affliction. However it is also a psychological affliction. Those who have been addicted to the drug are susceptible to mental and emotional dependency even for other drugs that they may use at this time. The psychological need for the drug is characterized by a strong urge to get and use it.

The other Buprenorphine addiction signs are:

  1. Sense of shame and guilt that is associated with the use of buprenorphine
  2. Sudden loss of pleasure and will in the interesting things
  3. Becoming indifferent towards enjoyment of family activities and going out
  4. Juggling various emergency rooms and prescribing doctors
  5. Committing unlawful acts in order to obtain buprenorphine
  6. Purchasing the drug on the streets in order to maintain a steady supply
  7. Being informed that there is excess consumption of buprenorphine
  8. Having a desire to take more pills in order to achieve the desired effect
  9. Concern by the people who are close about the Buprenorphine consumption habits
  10. Feeling sick, especially when the drug has not been taken

Make sure you look especially for the above signs, as it is very important in catching Buprenorphine addiction early.

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