Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment

Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment

Most of the patients who are addicted to Buprenorphine began taking low doses for other opiates medication then increased their dosage for non-medical reasons.

There are many patients who are dependent on the drug and they need to undergo treatment for Buprenorphine Addiction. Most of the patients who need to stop the habit of dependence continue to take the drug in order to avoid facing the withdrawal symptoms.

Those are part of medical community consider buprenorphine dependency to be a disorder that affects the nervous system that needs treatment 1-800-303-2482. When the drug is used for a long time it makes the nerve cells that are in the brain to stop production of natural painkillers. The solution to breaking this dependency is having the patient to undergo detoxification. Accelerated Neuro-Regulation which is simply known as ANR is a medical procedure that is used to induce and pace up withdrawal.

Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment

The buprenorphine abuse detox treatment is done at a fully equipped hospital under supervision of a medical practitioner. Rapid detoxification treats addiction to buprenorphine as a disease that should be overcome with advanced techniques. When this method is used for treatment of Buprenorphine Addiction, the opiate receptors of the body are cleansed of the drug.

The aim is to enable the body to overcome the physical addiction while the patient is sleeping through the process. ANR helps in eliminating the craving that occurs when the patient is going through traditional detoxification treatment. Before commencing the Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment, a physician tests the urine and blood then carries out assessment of the brain chemistry. This is to identify hormone deficiencies and neurotransmitter deficiencies that led to dependency of buprenorphine for non-medical reasons.

Before the Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment procedure the patient is required to spend a day or two as an inpatient at a hospital. This enables the doctors to administer the pre-medication procedure properly so that the bodily functions can be stabilized. This makes the treatment procedure to be safe and smooth. The duration over pre-treatment and the treatment procedure itself will depend on the patient. The doctor bases the treatment on the history of dependency and other medical issues.

A physician will first consult the patient about already existing conditions in order to reduce risk and stigma. The aim is to get best results with as much safety and comfortable as possible. When Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment begins, the patient has to be sedated lightly so that the intravenous medication can successfully cleanse buprenorphine from the opiate receptors. Most of the withdrawal symptoms speeded up so that they occur when the patient is still under anesthesia.

The doctors are aware that the patients will find it hard to carry the withdrawal symptoms for weeks or spend a lot of time at rehab program. This method helps to manage the symptoms medically so as to enable the patients to get back on their feet within a short time. The success rate of ANR is encouraging as there are many patients who have managed to kick dependency without relapsing.

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